1. What does MercuryServe do?

We are a legal support services company primarily focused on process serving throughout Florida and across the country. We handle witness statements, accident scene reports, surveillance, tracking and many other legal support services. We can and do handle all aspects of legal support – call us at 800-863-9893 and just ask!

2. What does “Process Serving” mean?

Process serving is the method by which a person or company is notified that a lawsuit has been filed against them. In any lawsuit, there are potentially many different documents that must be served on various people or companies. The copy of the lawsuit is just the first document to be served and there are often subpoenas, notices, attorney letters, or other documents that must be served on a defendant or witness.

3. Where does MercuryServe serve process?

We can handle your service of process needs locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. We are based in Tampa, Florida but can serve civil process papers around the state and across the country. We can even handle your process service needs in other countries.

4. How quickly do you complete the process service?

Process service sometimes happens quickly and sometimes it is more difficult to get someone served based on the circumstances. On a standard service, we attempt service the first time within 5 business days and often sooner. Rush (24 hrs) and Emergency (6 hours) services are also available for an additional fee. Most services are completed quickly but if someone is evading service or we find a vacant house or any other hindrance to service we contact you as soon as possible to try to resolve any such issue and locate the person you need to serve.

5. How much does service cost?

Service costs depend on where the service is needed, how many people need to be served, and how many addresses you have where you want service to be made. We base our process service charges based on flat rates and we don’t charge for mileage or court filing. MercuryServe can also offer volume discount rates – call us for more detail.

6. How many attempts will you make to serve an individual?

Our servers will make as many attempts as needed to complete service or until we have made numerous attempts and discuss further steps with you.